Ceramics from the heart.

Allow me to share my profound affection for clay and the art of handcrafting. Each of my pieces is carefully crafted to infuse your home with a profound sense of tranquility and serenity, elevating the everyday to a realm of ceremony and ritual.

Can we not concur that life itself takes on a more splendid hue when adorned with exquisite, hand-crafted creations?


Textures, irregularities and asymmetrical shapes have a big place in my work. Imperfection is part of Nature, and Nature is my biggest inspiration...

A beautiful journey

I had been captivated by the art of ceramics for years before finally giving it a try. It was shortly after the birth of my son, Taavi, that I made the decision to embark on my clay journey by crafting a few pieces for our home.

This newfound endeavour quickly transformed into a passion, consuming all of my available free time at my ceramic table — a place of creation, experimentation, and play.

Just a few months later, as I began sharing my creations on Instagram, I found myself receiving custom orders from various corners of Australia. Thus, from a simple passion, a modest business was born.