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Yantra Medicina

Golden Sphinx, Yantra Medicina

Golden Sphinx, Yantra Medicina

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GOLDEN SPHINX / 24K Gold Egyptian Elixir of Life

Sacred Elixir of Life containing 4x forms of Liquid Alchemical 24k Gold in a base of Egyptian Blue Lotus infused Active MGO486+ Honey.

This Elixir was formulated with the intention of doing traditional 'dieta' (diet) with the Gold Elemental as a conscious being. Meaning, it is to be taken on a daily basis, a 'dieta' of Gold.

Gold has a profoundly awakened consciousness with the ability to awaken dormant psychic senses, activate our cellular light-code matrix and illuminate the body, from the inside out. 

To the Ancients, Gold was used for activating the pineal gland and communicating with the Gods. 

For best results, take everyday for one to two months on, then have 1-2 week break, then repeat. Doing dieta with this elemental being is beautiful way to meet the 'spirit' of the Gold and to allow the frequency to re-program the body and etheric energy field.



~ 24K Nanoparticle Liquid Gold

~ 40ppm High-purity Colloidial Gold 

~ 316Hz (The Gold frequency) Bifilar Scalar Frequency & Tesla Coil Activated 24K Gold

~ 24K Egyptian Edible Gold Leaf

30ml / 60+ Serves (1+ month Daily 'Dieta')


What is Mono Atomic Liquid Gold?

Mono-atomic Gold is exactly as it sounds - Liquid Alchemical Gold, or, the ‘Elixir of Life’. Gold is 100% natural and illuminating to consume.

This powerful electrical conductor has been used since Ancient times to increase physical and mental energy, promote luminous Pranic vitality, awaken Pineal function and enhance the Light-Body.


Harmonically Encoded to 432Hz

Using live instrumental sound Activation / +144Mhz CUbit Tensor Activated under the rulership of Venus.

Bifilar Scalar plates used to activate the medicina to the Gold frequency (316Hz) using advanced Tesla Coil technology within the Lab. 


24K Liquid Colloidial Gold (40ppm created using 99.99% pure gold), 24k High-purity Gold Nanoparticles, 316Hz Bifilar Scalar Frequency Activated Gold, Active MGO486+ Royal Jellybush Leptospermum Honey infused with Sacred Egyptian Blue Lotus Aromatics, Pure 24K edible Egyptian Gold Leaf, Cane Spirit.


1-2 full-droppers daily, directly under the tongue.

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