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Yantra Medicina

Lemurian Light Seed Crystal, Yantra Medicina

Lemurian Light Seed Crystal, Yantra Medicina

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432Hz Frequency Structured Essence.

The Lemurian Crystal has ancient information from the magical people of Lemuria.

Lemurian Seed Crystal Essence is created using a range of authentic and cleansed large Lemurian Seed Quartz crystals in a very special ceremony giving reverence and prayer to the waters.

30 ml / 120 doses


Cymatic + Harmonically Encoded to 432Hz

Solfeggio resonant frequency tracks are played through bifilar Tesla coils & Scalar plates using Live throat singing, whale song (diamond consciousness) & shamanic rain instruments.

These frequencies are then looped as scale notes creating stunning Cymatic resonance patterns (as shown), replicating the beautiful fractal geometry patterns of nature and the creation song of the Mother.

This creates profound rhythmic harmonisation within the DNA structure and allows for deep healing within the body.

Crystal Essences focus on capturing the tone and vitality of high-vibrational earth elements by using alive water, pure cane ethanol & crystal glassware with a high refractive index to bend and capture light;  infused for one full moon cycle. 


Ingredients: Lemurian seed crystal essence, Rose Spagyric Essence, Organic cane spirit, 432hz Harmonically encoded spring water.


Take 7 drops under your tongue / Add to the bathtub / Add to your water bottle / Add a few drops to your tea.

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