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Yantra Medicina

Magnum Opus / Creamed 24K Gold, Silver & Crystal Coded Honey, Yantra Medicina

Magnum Opus / Creamed 24K Gold, Silver & Crystal Coded Honey, Yantra Medicina

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ūüúõ¬† MAGNUM OPUS¬† ūüúõ

Gold, Silver & Crystal Encrypted Honey

{ An Elemental Slipstream into the Mineral, Metallic & Plant Realms }

Contains: 24K Monoatomic Gold, Esoteric Silver, Black Obsidian, Amethyst Crystal, Herkimer Diamond and alchemical Lavender essence suspended in dreamy whipped creamy Honey.

‚ėČ Magnum Opus - The Great Work¬†‚ėČ

The Magnum Opus honey is a daily tool for transformation; a way to incorporate ritual and bring intention to meditations, breathwork, bodywork, movement and other daily ceremonial practices to elevate your experience.

100ml - 1+ months Journey (40 serves)

{ Dosage: Eat 1 Tsp, once a day }


ūüúõ Planetary Correspondences¬†- Mercury, Sun, Moon

ūüúõ¬†Chakra¬†Correspondences¬†- Throat, Crown, Soul-Star Chakras


The Magnum Opus is for those seeking the path of spiritual transformation. It is the shedding of impurities, the joining of opposites, and the refinement of base materials.

In Alchemical lore, the Philosopher's Stone emerges as the Magnum Opus, the process of transmuting Lead into Gold.
Philosophically, this was in the spiritual transmutation of the soul or psyche of the alchemist himself - from denser states (Lead) into one’s highest vibration (Gold), true soul illumination. 

This dreamy alchemical elixir is an ode to the individual path of the Hero's Journey. A daily ritual for slowing down, finding centre and coming into stillness, where presence lies primordial intelligence. 

The Magnum Opus Honey is an exploratory journey of the inner and truest 'Self'. A psychic development tool for those doing the 'Great Work', seeking the stone of our ultimate spiritual gnosis.


Organic Ingredients: 

24K Monoatomic Gold Essence, High-Purity Esoteric Silver (Colloid) essence, Black Obsidian Crystal Essence, Amethyst Crystal Essence, Herkimer Diamond Essence & Alchemical Lavender suspended in whipped creamy Yellowbox & Byron Bay Hinterland MGO633+ Jellybush Honey.



‚ėČ Gold & Silver¬†-¬†Sun & Moon nexus, pillars of spiritual transformation. Soul-star & Primordial keepers of the flame. Amplification of psychic senses.¬†
‚ėČ Amethyst Crystal¬†-¬†¬†Purification, transformation, ethereal portal. Activates¬†the geometric cellular matrix. Our ultimate¬†evolution, realisation¬†& remembering of the Akash.

‚ėČ Black Obsidian Crystal¬†-¬†¬†Transmutation, Integration, Awakening. Activates inner visions, third-eye 'sight', claircognizance.¬†Unconditional truth, equilibrium.¬†

‚ėČ Herkimer Diamond¬†-¬†Dissolution, Illumination, unification with the divine Source. Attunement, crystalline bridge, clairty.¬†Activates telepathy, amplifies altered perceptions of time (past, present & future) and multidimensional timelines.¬†

‚ėČ Lavender¬†- Grounding anchor, crown-star. Mercurial Slipstream into the Three Realms, higher consciousness & inter-dimensional self-realisation. Ties together all realms on¬†all dimensions. The 'I Am'.¬†


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