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Yantra Medicina

Moldavite / Stargate Crystal Journey Honey, Yantra Medicina

Moldavite / Stargate Crystal Journey Honey, Yantra Medicina

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Creamed Crystal 'Tektite' Honey

Active+ MGO633 Jellybush Honey infused with Alchemical Moldavite & Liquid Crystal generated using high-voltage bifilar Scalar Waves and Plasma electricity. 

{ Harmonically Encoded and Activated with 639Hz Scalar-Energy }


🜛 Planetary Correspondences - All Planets

🜛 Chakra Correspondences - All Chakras


Moldavite is a star-born talisman sent to Earth for spiritual awakening and psychic growth. 

Born from a meteorite around 15 million years ago, this tektite was etched by force and flame as it fell from the heavens - It carries an intense high-frequency, a metaphysical fusion of star dust, earth and extra-dimensional energies. 

Moldavite has a cosmic oversoul of its own, one of its intergalactic origins. 

It carries metaphysical properties that enable you to surpass time.

For that reason, many people find the crystal useful when liminal engaging with a past life or exploring the path their soul is taking them in any direction of time.

The vibration of this crystal strongly stimulates the auric and toroidal field.

Moldavite carries with it the soul of the meteor that fell to Mother Earth.

This stone can transmit to the user the necessary thought patterns and vibrations for ascension and illumination. It enables you to "see" more clearly and beyond what is ordinarily possible. Nicknamed the “Stone Of Transformation”, Moldavite has a profound ability to accelerate one's alchemical and spiritual evolution. 

Used in healing rituals of the Earth chakra, it is held sacred for its capabilities as a catalyst for drawing in photonic light to hold the frequency for Earth’s healing. It assists in the transmutation of lower frequencies by harmonising and tuning us into our purest crystalline form. 

{ Extra-Terrestrial Galactic Activation }

Moldavite contains “wires” of lechatelierite, a high-temperature form of SiO2 (+ Al2O3).

~ We use advanced scalar wave and tesla coil technology to activate these particulates and imbue them into a menstruum - Honey. 


100ml - One+ months Journey (35 Serves)

Dosage: 1 Tsp, Once daily. Eat by the spoonful, or add to teas & warm drinks.

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