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Yantra Medicina

Morning Glory, Yantra Medicina

Morning Glory, Yantra Medicina

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Harmonically Encoded; Crown + Throat Chakra Elixir

A Yin flower which awakens the spirit and enlivens the vitality of the soul, attuning the individual to the essence of his or her higher self and conscious awakening (waking in the dream).

The bright blue blossoms of the Morning Glory flowers open in response to the first rays of dawning light, displaying an interior five-pointed star-vortex that “pulls in” the pranic light of the rising sun. Morning Glory Flower Tincture stimulates this light receptive capacity in the body-soul matrix. 

Embodies divine expansive qualities assisting in releasing limiting beliefs, old patterns and addictions that may have been part of your upbringing.

Encompasses Saturnian rhythms by enforcing boundary settings in one's own life, bringing clearer flow through the body's energy centres; as within, so without.



Ethically + Locally Wild-Harvested Morning Glory Flowers (Essence) + Harmonically Encoded sacred spring water, cane spirit.

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