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Embody Bee

Tears of Re Eyeliner, Embody Bee

Tears of Re Eyeliner, Embody Bee

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The ancient Egyptians believed that when the sun god Re (pronounced Ray) cried his tears that fell to the earth transformed into bees to pass in secret messages.

This incredible eyeliner is still used today by the native Berber people (one of the original bloodlines of Northern Africa that goes back to ancient Egyptian times).
This eyeliner was used in those times by everyone, even children not just for symbolism and beauty, but it’s special ingredients within help to protect the eye.

This eyeliner is a completely natural product and is ethically sourced. 

The powder itself is from a special type of crushed rock, combined with herbs resins. The powder is available separately from the application case so the case only needs to be a one-time purchase. When you run out, you can just come back to buy the powder refill (comes in a small glass jar). The application case is completely wooden, made and engraved by Moroccan artisans.



Dip your wooden stick into the powder in the application case and apply to your bottom waterline. It will initially sting a little, but once you blink a few times it will have magically travelled up to your top lid giving you the perfect little cat eye. Clean off any excess smudging. It will last 24 hours and is safe to sleep with on (it is wonderful for eye health). You can also use the stick to add a little extra if your want a more dramatic effect - really great at giving a Smokey eye look! It can also be used to fill in your eyebrows as well as mascara.

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