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Yantra Medicina

The Oracle / Nordic Amber + 24k Gold Creamed Honey, Yantra Medicina

The Oracle / Nordic Amber + 24k Gold Creamed Honey, Yantra Medicina

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Nordic Amber + 24K Nanoparticle Gold Creamed Honey

The Oracle is an Ancient recipe, brought to life by the plants and Elemental beings themselves and channelled as a Seer from the past and an Oracle of the future. 

The Oracle is a divinely Venusian blend of Aus. grown Vanilla beans smoked ceremonially on the open fire and then whipped into a dreamy, creamy, Amber and Gold journey tool for psychic development.


🜛 Planetary Correspondences - Sun, Moon

🜛 Chakra Correspondences - All Chakras - Focus on Solar Plexus, Third-Eye, Earth-Star Chakras


100ml - One+ months Journey (45 Serves)



    19+ MGO633+ Active Jellybush Honey, Ritual Fire Smoked Aus. Grown Vanilla Beans infused in Yellowbox Honey, Monatomic Gold essence, High-purity 40ppm Nanoparticle Gold Colloid, Alchemical Baltic Amber Essence, 24k Gold Leaf, ^316Hz Gold bifilar Scalar Wave Harmonic.



    A petrified Tree resin and medicine of primordial origins, Amber has been used for its spiritual and wellness properties as far back as the Stone Age.

    Nordic, or, 'Baltic' Amber is dated back to around 40 million years old - however, some say it has its origins over 175million years.

    An Ancient Talisman which held significant importance throughout history for its pathways to the soul and the higher self, Amber opens the door to our psychic and intuitive abilities.

    Amber radiates and reflects the energy of the ‘Sun/son’, the internal fire that energises us all. It is said to enhance Pranic radiance and connect one to his or her own divine Source; As within, So without.

    Baltic Amber was revered by the Æsir Gods within Nordic Mythology - The sacred Amber resins were crushed & mixed with honey for its spiritual uses. Amber works on all of the Chakras and connects us to our 'Sight' - it is the 'Seer', the vision stone of prophecy magick.

    Used to awaken the mind/Hermes to new possibilities and ways of thinking - new perspectives and avenues of awakened ideas about Source and Self.

    Amber also has strong connections to its use in Atlantean times.

    The Atlanteans would consume this combination of different forms of Gold and crushed Amber to gain access to the prophecies and visions of the higher-mind, allowing us to see into the past and into the future ~ 'The Oracle'.

    ~ Shake and tap the bottom of the jar for 3 minutes

    ~ Speak positive prayer and your intention into the Honey

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