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Yantra Medicina

Tree of Life, Yantra Medicina

Tree of Life, Yantra Medicina

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TREE OF LIFE / Nervous System Support
Formulated with the intention to assist and ease an anxious, over-active mind and Nervous System - this elixir may provide relief from anxiety, looping thought patterns, stress and tension held in the body, calms the nerves and uplifts the spirit.
Oat Straw, Lavender & Passionflower.

This tincture is a go-to in times of high-pressure or feelings of anxiety or worry. Think of the Tree of Life sending its roots deep down into your electrical body, anchoring you firmly within the core of the Earth, keeping you centered, calm and relaxed.



Oat Straw, Lavender, Passionflower, Local Organic Honey, Spring Water, Cane Spirit 30%.

All Organic + Wildcrafted

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