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Wild Tallow Balm, Wilderbar

Wild Tallow Balm, Wilderbar

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This is for everyone who longs for a 100% natural, deeply nourishing & healing skin care alternative, that is plastic & chemical free, makes your skin glow and leaves it nourished to its very core.

These balms are a blend of premium Australian grass-fed & finished tallow, and cold-pressed extra virgin organic olive oil, infused with organic Calendula & Chamomile.

The olive oil has been infused with the herbs for at least 2 months, using a combination of solar and traditional infusion techniques.

All ingredients are carefully selected & ethically sourced, using only 100% natural and chemical-free products.



Regeneratively farmed beyond Grass Fed & Finished Australian Beef Tallow*, Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Calendula flowers*, German Chamomile flowers*, Essential Oils of Vetiver, Ylang Ylang & Frankincense*


Favourite all-rounder balm for body & hair (also beards). displays beautiful earthy & grounding notes with hints of sweet wild flowers. For males and females.


- We are sourcing our tallow from a local, regenerative farm in a neighbouring village. All animals are free of hormones and antibiotics, are on lush Victorian Highland pastures their entire life, are grass-fed & finished and are dearly loved until the very end.

- All of our tallow is triple rendered (minimum!), filtered and purified with Musk Spring water (the best water available in Australia), which has been restructured, and Celtic sea salt.

- All balms are infused with Calendula & German Chamomile, to support the natural healing mechanisms of our skin while endorsing smooth & plump complexions.

- Super low in PUFAs because of the minimal amount of ingredients - all balms contain only tallow & a small portion of extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil, which has been used since ancient times to soothe & deeply nourish skin while lending a gorgeous lush glow.

- It is of great importance to us to reduce our ecological footprint - our jars are made from amber glass, the lids are food-safe metal lids and the labels are made from recycled craft paper. We send our orders in recycled bags, using as much recycled material as possible and avoiding plastic or the use of harmful chemicals.

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