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Chaga Extract, Enki

Chaga Extract, Enki

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Base menstrum/ Certified Organic Cane Spirit, Filtered Spring Water
Extract/ Canadian Wild-Harvested Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)


Wild-harvested in pristine Canadian forests. 

An adaptogen, massively high in anti-inflammatory action, significant health benefits and a herb that can be used daily. Truly a work of art by the natural world, people of the far Northern reaches have used this almighty birch conk to protect and support the mind, body and spirit for untold ages.  Chaga’s earthy essence grounds and harmonises energy, facilitating inner balance through enhancing our internal functioning. Known to promote vitality, longevity, and overall health through purifying and strengthening our inner being, Chaga truly is the 'King of Medicinal Mushrooms', defending the Kingdom within.

20 drops per use / 50ml Miron glass bottle


- Said to boost the immune system through stimulating white blood cell production
- Studies note antiviral properties through blocking viral particles
- Reduces inflammation, studies note relief in conditions such as IBS, ulcers and other digestive disorders
- Improves physical endurance and reduces fatigue. A great ally post workout
- Holds antioxidant and cell regeneration properties
- Studies note anti-cancer benefits, through supporting the immune system


Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA/TGA, Enki Organics is not prescribing or treating any illness or disease. Enki Organics provides herb extracts and educational information based on traditional, herbal medicine philosophies

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