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Sun Chlorella

Chlorella, Sun Chlorella

Chlorella, Sun Chlorella

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Chlorella is a member of phytoplankton family, which uses sunlight to grow. ​​
It also contains vitamin B12, folate and iron. It is a whole food that supports your body.
Sun Chlorella uses Chlorella that has been pulverized, enabling maximum digestibility.

1 g of chlorella powder contains tens of billions of cells.
This unbelievable amount of Chlorella can be taken as a whole, with all of its nutrients.​ ​
*Chlorella is a single-celled being, meaning “the number of cells =the number of Chlorella”

Sun Chlorella uses Chlorella pyrenoidosa (Sun Chlorella strain), which proliferates well, is rich in nutrients and is also rich in CGF.

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