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Finger Lime Repair, Bluem

Finger Lime Repair, Bluem

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Harnessing its water-soluble properties at a cellular level, our Finger Lime Repair Serum nurtures your skin to repair and strengthen its barrier function to seal in moisture, fend off toxins, relieve inflammation, restore balance and create long term hydration for a healthier and more resilient complexion. 

Drawing from the ancient wisdom of traditional practices, the Gualung (Finger Lime) is renowned for its natural antiseptic and hydrating qualities, and has been designed by the divine to create a resilience against dry and dehydrated skin, and correct inflammation to relieve acne, reactive conditions and skin sensitivity. 

Much like practising self love, our skin needs a great foundation. Kind to sensitive skin, and a beautiful addition for those seeking to integrate long-lasting skin healing into their rituals, our Finger Lime Repair Serum is the perfect way to start your journey towards naturally healthier skin.

Note: 30ml bottle lasts approx 3months

Vegan | Cruelty Free | 100% Natural | Carbon Neutral



Active Finger Lime Fruit Extract (Gulalung), Vegetable Glycerine, Recycled Rainwater.

We believe harmful or unnecessary filler ingredients don’t belong in skincare, which is why our Finger Lime Repair Serum is a 99.8% active formulation that is simple, natural, effective and rich in phyto-nutrients like Limocitrin, Tryptophan, Amino Acids and Phenolics.
0.2% Natural Preservatives: Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate and Citric acid. (Keeps your serum alive and thriving for up to 12 months)


Apply 3 drops of potent fruit, morning or night, whenever suits. Make a moment to slowly breathe, enjoy your simple, self love routine.

*Although our formula is suitable for all skin types, we recommend patch testing before use.


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