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Flower Moon Belly Nectar, Vali

Flower Moon Belly Nectar, Vali

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Belly Nectar ~ Belly Oil with Rose, Chamomile & Rosehip

This golden, nectarous oil is handcrafted using a synergistic selection of flowers and high-quality oils that are specifically designed to support your expanding belly during pregnancy. Made using organic ingredients; Floral healers of Rose Petals; to sooth & soften the skin and Chamomile Flowers; to bring a calming, sweet presence - infused in oils of Jojoba, Olive Fruit, Argan & Apricot to deeply nourish, retain moisture & enhance the skin's elasticity, cold-pressed Rosehip Oil & Arnica oil to prevent scarring and reduce stretch-marks, scented with heavenly Vanilla & Helichysum. Together these plant allies work in harmony to support your growing belly and welcome in the divine feminine during this very sacred time.



*Arnica Flowers infused in *Jojoba Oil, *Chamomile infused in *Apricot Oil, *Rose Petals infused in Apricot Oil, Argan Oil, *Cold-pressed Rosehip Oil, Graprefruit Peel Extract, *Vanilla Panifollia Extract, *Helichysum Essential Oil. *Certified Organic

Use within 6 months from opening. Store in a cool place, out of direct sunlight. All organic products, small batches. No preservatives used that make things last forever.



Daily self-soothing ritual for bub; apply a few drops to your belly and massage very gently in a circling motion.. your bub will love this little massage too!


60ml / 2 oz / Clear Glass Dropper Bottle

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