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MANNA GOLD / Egyptian Rose, Cacao, 24K Monatomic Gold & Crystal Honey, Aurumaya

MANNA GOLD / Egyptian Rose, Cacao, 24K Monatomic Gold & Crystal Honey, Aurumaya

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 Decadent and smoothe Ceremonial Cacao Honey with 24K Monoatomic Gold ‘Manna’, Alchemical Egyptian Rose, Black Pepper 

+ Lapis Lazuli, Black Onyx & Quartz (Silica) Crystals.


*Organic Ingredients:

*Ceremonial Grade Cacao,  Jellybush Honey 19+ MGO633+, *Egyptian Rose infused Yellowbox Honey,  *High-purity Liquid Gold (created using 99.99% pure gold at 40ppm colloid), *Monoatomic Gold (30x), *Lapis Lazuli Crystal Essence, *Black Onyx Crystal Essence, *Quartz Crystal Essence, *24k Egyptian Gold Fine Leaf, *Oil of Rose, Oil of Black Pepper.

 100ml Jar - 1+ months Journey (40 serves)

Dosage: Eat 1-2 Tsp, once a day. Eat straight from the jar, or, add to teas and warm drinks

*Note: Honeys are a raw natural product and over time may naturally crystallise or liquify with changes in temp. - this is completely normal and does not affect the quality or integrity of the honey or its active ingredients. Store creamed honeys at room temperature. 

 🜛 Planetary/Stellar Correspondences - Sun (Gold, Aurum), Venus, Sirius

🜛 Sacred Geometry Correspondence - Merkaba 

🜛 Chakra Correspondences - Earth-Star Chakra, Third-Eye, Throat Chakras

🜛 Frequency Tuning - 432Hz

≜ What is Monoatomic Gold? ≜

 Monatomic Gold, or ‘Manna’, is liquid Alchemical Gold - The true ‘Elixir of Life’. 

Gold is 100% natural and illuminating to consume.

Known as the Philosophers Stone, Monoatomic Gold is a spiritual tool and sacrament that has been used as a powerful electrical conductor since Ancient times to increase physical and mental energy, promote luminous Pranic vitality, awaken pineal function and enhance the Light-Body.


 ☉ Monoatomic Gold (Manna) - Sun, pillar of spiritual transformation. Soul-star & Primordial keeper of the flame. Amplification of psychic senses. 

Colloidal Liquid Crystals:

Lapis Lazuli Crystal - Spiritual truth, self-realisation, self expression, enhancement of psychic abilities, communication (within, and throughout realms), mental clarity, personal power, connected to Goddess Isis. 

Black Onyx Crystal - Grounding, spiritual and physical strength, self awareness, protection, stability, balance, self-mastery, anchors travel through dimensions. 

Quartz (Silica) Crystal - Energy amplification, master healer, universal Codes (Silica), clarity, purification, visionary Seer, programmer of the Source code/Supercomputer. 

Manna is a sacred substance, said to have been brought to Earth by Ancient Beings as a gift to humanity. This ethereal substance is believed to resonate at an incredibly high frequency, residing in the 5th dimension (As the 5th state of Matter).

Mono-atomic (One-Atom) Gold refers to a Matrix of gold particles which exist in a non-metallic form, in a 'high-spin state'. 

To the Egyptians and Sumerians, this was known as 'Manna', 'Shemanna', White Powder Gold, or, the “Elixir of Life”.

It was believed to be a sacrament from the Gods, given to the Pharaohs by secrets adepts for achieving extended-life and immortality, which then prepared them to become “As the Gods.”

When incorporated into Honey, Manna is thought to amplify ones ability to connect to higher-dimensional realms, carrying our thoughts and intentions past the 3-D and etheric realms.

Its presence is said to facilitate a deeper connection to the divine, unlocking higher states of awareness and aiding in the pursuit of inner peace and soul-star consciousness. 

Ancient cultures would use this powerful elemental as a sacred tool of magic and divination. Known for its levitation properties, Manna Gold was also used to awaken the dormant light-matrix codes within the atomic levels of the human body and to awaken the pineal gland.

It was also used to strengthen psychic abilities and was known as a sacred tool which allowed them to commune with the spirits and the Gods.

≜ Harmonically Encoded to 432Hz using advanced Lab. bifilar Scalar wave technology & Cymatics sound Activation. Activated under the rulership of Venus.

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