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Global Tea Hut

Mottled Bamboo Shou Puerh, Global Tea Hut

Mottled Bamboo Shou Puerh, Global Tea Hut

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This wonderful old-growth shou is very unique. This blend was harvested in 2014 and piled and pressed in 2015. It comes from the Bulang village of Lao Man'e. It was very, very lightly piled. Nowadays, most shou puerh is piled heavily, fermenting the tea fully. This means that it can mellow out over time, but not really age well. Also, some of the vibrance and energy of the natural leaves are lost in the piling, which is especially harsh on old-growth leaves. Lightly fermented shou puerh like this can be aged and preserve the forest truth.

Legend has it that when Emperor Shun died suddenly, the tears of his two concubines, the Xiang River goddesses Nüying and Ehuang, dropped onto surrounding bamboo and stained it forever. This tea is open and fresh, tasting very different from your usual shou. It is minty, cool and bright. It has plenty of room to age and is also very wonderful steeped or boiled as it is.

150 gr bag

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