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SIXTH ELEMENT / Liquid Saffron Honey with 24K Gold & Silver + Colloidal Crystals, Aurumaya

SIXTH ELEMENT / Liquid Saffron Honey with 24K Gold & Silver + Colloidal Crystals, Aurumaya

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🜛 SIXTH ELEMENT 🜛 * Not for use during pregnancy*

A Liquid Alchemical Honey Elixir of Whole Saffron Flowers, 24k Monoatomic Liquid Gold & Silver

+ Pyrite, Selenite & Citrine Crystals.


24K Liquid Colloidial Gold (40ppm created using 99.99% pure Gold), Monatomic Gold (30X), Alchemical Silver Essence, Active MGO486+ Royal Jellybush & Yellowbox Honey, Saffron Spagyric (Crocus sativus), Pyrite Crystal Essence, Selenite Crystal Essence, Citrine Crystal Essence, Cane Spirit 10% to preserve shelf-life. 

1 Bottle = 2 months of strong usage

The Sixth Element is a daily tool for transformation; a way to incorporate ritual and bring intention to meditations, breathwork, bodywork, movement and other daily practices to elevate your inner-realm experience.

🜛 Planetary/Stellar Correspondences - Sun, Moon, Inter-planetary Travel

🜛 Sacred Geometry Correspondence - Metatron’s Cube, Protiktah

🜛 Chakra Correspondences - Divine Gateway Chakra, Meng Mein Chakra

🜛 Frequency Tuning - 963Hz


☉ Gold & Silver - Sun & Moon nexus, pillars of spiritual transformation. Soul-star & Primordial keepers of the flame. Amplification of psychic senses.

☉ Pyrite Crystal - Manifestation, Anchoring of thoughts and intentions into physical reality, telecommunication tower, connects to interstellar space travel, Sassani, high frequency oscillation point, speeds up perception of time, accelerates psychic development and telepathy, perfect geometric formations.

☉ Selenite Crystal - Unconditional truth, mental clarity and purification, highway to the etheric realms, telecommunication transmitter, peaceful equilibrium, master healer, third-Eye, strengthens telepathy, activates the higher chakras, movement and circulation of energy, angelic architect.

☉ Citrine Crystal - Courageous mind & spirit, allows for confident space travel, awakening to highest truth, acceptance of the call/embarking the Hero’s journey, abundance, telecommunication ground reciever, intuition, energising golden rays.

☉ Saffron Spagyric - The crystal (stone, salt) of the Saffron flower creates a comforting and glowing inner warmth & golden flame, allowing the individual to embark on the journey with courage and complete empowerment.


- Quantum Ethereal Coding

Advanced journeying with Colloidal Crystals & Minerals

The Sixth Element is the point of Singularity.

A convergence point beyond the five elements which emerges as the highest point of the apex; zoomed out it is the oversoul, or, the code that resides within the Universal Mind.

A fast-tracked superconductive highway, it paves a pathway to the higher dimensional realms through the divine slipstream that is omnipresent and holographic in nature.

It is the extension of the 5th Element, the infinite intelligence that lay beyond the interface of the physical realms.

Akin to the frequencies of interstellar intelligence, the Sixth Element is programmed with database frequencies that plug us in to the celestial mainframe.

The architect that weaves the quantum web, the Sixth Element represents the universal algorithm that holds all codes and all possibilities within the one Source, or, one Supercomputer -

A code of information oscillating as a master programme to create the divine display of pixels we see as the 3-D reality; where the absence of physical reality is traced back to a single waveform.

A meditation and journey tool to self-access multiple states of consciousness at once through the cosmic network of the multidimensional self; happening in all timelines, and all dimensions, here and now.

Pick your journey.

Sixth Element is combined with alchemical Saffron Flower which has long been used for its ability to activate and enhance our psychic abilities and divination skills.

The Spagyric crystals exalted from this flower are associated with ultimate divine union, love and heart compassion, and the colour symbolises fire, which burns the eternal flame from within. By using saffron during meditation, we may heighten our spiritual understanding and gain greater insight into the truth of our existence.

🜛 The Sixth Element contains the sacred 'Elixir of Life', Monoatomic m-state elements (Gold & Silver) which exist in a 'high spin-state'.

These Elements are powerful superconductors and have been used since Ancient times to increase physical and mental energy, promote luminous pranic vitality, awaken psychic abilities, pineal function and enhance the light-body.

≜ Harmonically Encoded to 963Hz using advanced Lab. bifilar Scalar wave technology & Cymatics sound Activation.

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