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Sleep, Enki

Sleep, Enki

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Base Menstrum / Daylesford Artesian Spring Water, Certified Organic Cane Spirit
Extracts / Certified Organic Valerian (Valerian officinalis), Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), Hops (Humulus lupulus)


A blend of nervine, sedative herbs.

Sedative supplements are known to enhance the bodies ability to relax and fall asleep, by releasing constriction in the smooth muscle and enabling anti-spasmotic activity. These herbs are traditionally used to reduce pain and nervous tension associated with anxious dispositions and over excitement/stimulation. 

20 drops per use / 50ml glass miron jar 


One full dropper (10-20 drops) before sleep, in warm water.


- Nervine, support nervous tension
- Relaxes smooth muscles, anti-spasmodic
- Improves sleep quality
- Nutritive Tonic for the nervous system
- Regulates fluid balance in the kidneys
- Calming and sedating
- Supports tremors associated with exhaustion from mental, emotional and nervous strain as-well as over excitement
- Eases pain

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA/TGA, Enki Organics is not prescribing or treating any illness or disease. Enki Organics provides herb extracts and educational information based on traditional, herbal medicine philosophies

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