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Embody Bee

The Honeyed Wombxn, Embody Bee

The Honeyed Wombxn, Embody Bee

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The Honeyed Wombxn.

This product was created with the help of embodied women and a Chinese medicine practitioner, trailed, tested and loved by many.



Raw Honey, Organic Maca, Organic Goji Berry, Ginger, Australian-grown red date, Organic Dong Gui, Peony Root, Organic Schisandra Berry, Organic Liquorice Root. 

This is a mix to love the womb up. 
- MACA is a powerful adaptation, that nourishes digestion and vitality. It balances the hormones and it can smooth menstrual discomfort.
- GOJI nourishes blood, the liver and the heart. 
- GINGER warms the digestive system.
- RED DATES strengthen the blood and stomach.
- DONG QUAI helps regulate the menstrual cycles and nourishes the blood.
- PEONY ROOT soothes the liver and builds blood 
- SCHISANDRA BERRY fortifies the kidneys and liver 
- LIQUORICE ROOT synergises these herbs together and aids in digestion 
(Liquorice generally isn't recommended in pregnancy, although there is less than 1 gram per jar. Use intuitively)

Eat it by the spoonful or mix with warm water and your choice of milk to a delicious and nourishing drink. (Adding a teaspoon of fat such as ghee or coconut onto your warm drink helps in improving digestion and metabolism, the enzymes present in Ghee help to break down things down for better absorption of nutrients.)

100% plastic-free. Australian-made glass jar with a biodegradable sticker that is printed with plant based inks and glues.

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